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In the struggle to improve language skills, all means are good – you can read books, watch TV series and films with subtitles, communicate with foreigners. Here’s another cool tool to help you get to the ‘advanced’ point – podcasts!

The podcast is created by the BBC, which is already a quality indicator. The duration of one audio is 2-4 minutes, podcasts are updated regularly once a week. Speakers are unhurried and clear – just right for pre-intermediate or intermediate listeners.

On this site, you will find not only podcasts but also transcripts, assignments for lessons, videos, breakdowns of the rules. Some of the sections are available only after registration and a paid subscription, but there are also many useful materials in free access. The podcast contains lessons for all levels – from elementary to upper +.

Lessons last almost half an hour and are designed for learners with a pre-intermediate and intermediate level. Podcasts are built in the form of dialogues on a variety of topics: cinema, music, art, sports, etc. Each audio has a transcript and a task to consolidate knowledge.

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An excellent site that features real-life dialogues from native speakers. Here you can listen to podcasts about a variety of situations. Announcers discuss books and motivation, talk about how they spend the day and what to do if they get burned. Helpful!

A very user-friendly site with podcasts, which are divided into separate blocks here. One block contains podcasts with conversations in English at a regular pace. In another section, you will find everyday dialogues in which the announcers speak slowly and clearly. The third is about idioms and slang. Just a treasure, not a website!

Very short podcasts – up to 2 minutes, on the 7 most popular topics – from hobbies to work. Renting a car, interviewing, celebrating the New Year, traveling, going to the dentist – with this site you will perfectly pump your basic vocabulary.

A podcast of a language school from Novosibirsk. Since the guys are from Russia, the topics of podcasts are clear to all of us – a comparison of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a new look at Russian history, a trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway 🙂 Of course, there are other interesting topics.

This site can be compared to a news portal. Here you will find audio notes about global events, scientific achievements, trends and discussion of many relevant topics. Speakers do not speak very quickly, which will be convenient for listeners with average language skills.

A podcast of a Russian polyglot teacher. New lessons appear regularly, and the current 90+ is definitely enough to improve the current knowledge of the language. The author himself positions his podcast as a way to learn English quickly and effortlessly. Fast and effortless – it suits us 🙂

Five-time winner for Best Educational Podcast. We do not recommend starting your English study with this podcast, as the topics and vocabulary will be difficult to understand. But for those who want to improve their knowledge and enrich their vocabulary, we strongly recommend it.

The podcast is hosted by an English teacher and stand-up person in one person. In addition to stories about language rules and grammar, Luke shares his opinion about some news, events and subjects. The speed of speech in the podcast is similar to normal British conversation – beginners in English will not be easy.

Картинки по запросу "13 podcasts for learning English"

The two podcast hosts discuss science, astronomy, physics, chemistry, interesting stories from the life of people and more. We recommend listening to this podcast if you want to complicate the task for yourself and actively pump vocabulary on atypical topics.

Another Russian-language podcast, which, unfortunately, has not been updated for a long time. Teaching is conducted in an interesting format: the presenters analyze quotes from films and lyrics and also explain the meaning of idioms.

When you realize that you have already pumped your language skills enough, you can relax and just enjoy the knowledge. Find not educational podcasts, but ones that match your interests – about movies, music, marketing, or humor. This way you can maintain your knowledge and listen to what interests you at the same time.

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