One of the most popular interview questions is about the reasons for leaving your last job. It is almost always asked if the candidate’s resume includes more than just internships. The question of dismissal is rather slippery – an outsider does not understand who exactly was to blame: the candidate was lazy or the employer made a gesture. Your answer to a tricky question can both endear and scare a recruiter away from you, so here’s how to answer it. Why recruiters ask about their previous jobs At the interview, HR may ask what prompted you to apply for their vacancy, or may immediately askRead More →

LinkedIn has compiled a list of the most in-demand skills in 2020. The research was carried out using a huge database of 660+ million specialists and 20+ million jobs. Recently, in another article, we talked about the skills that everyone needs to learn in 2020, we also recommend reading it. Soft skills in demand The role of “soft” skills is growing from year to year, and the vast majority of employers confirm that soft skills are just as important as professional skills. The most requested soft skills in 2020 are: 1. Creativity It’s not about coming up with twenty interesting topics for articles and drawingRead More →

We wanted to remember the women inventors who made a huge contribution to science and changed the world. There are thousands of women like this, but we’ve tried to pick 15 of the most inspiring examples. Sophia Kovalevskaya (1850-1891) Mathematician, mechanic, the world’s first female professor of mathematics Born in the Russian Empire, Sophia could only go to university abroad. At that time, a woman could obtain a passport only with the permission of her father or spouse. Sophia’s father categorically did not approve of her love for science and education, so he refused permission. Striving to study mathematics at the university, Kovalevskaya organized aRead More →

Almost a third of employers, according to HeadHunter, do not specify the size of the salary in vacancies. We will understand in the article what are the reasons for secrecy and how to find out what salary you can apply for. 1. The company does not know how much such work costs Sometimes the employer has an approximate idea of ​​how much specialists in a certain profession earn, but does not know for sure. This happens when starting a new direction in a company or hiring a rare specialist. In such cases, the employer estimates an approximate salary framework, based on market analysis, but isRead More →