6 digital skills to master

Based on the research of the TalentTech project, we have compiled a selection of key skills for development. These skills will be useful to everyone, not just digital and IT specialists because digitalization has already taken over the world.

1. Understanding the basics of cybersecurity

It seems that the words with the prefix “cyber” are something about the distant future, but in fact it is time to think now. Top multinational companies like Facebook and Google recently paid multi-million dollar fines for personal data breaches. Russian companies also suffer losses due to cybersecurity problems – the data of several thousand clients of Sberbank and VTB Bank in 2019 were openly sold on the Internet.

The main threat to information security is employees. Some “leaked” data for the sake of selling, others – because of illiteracy. To begin with, it is important to observe at least basic security principles: check flash drives, send suspicious emails to spam, do not download anything on dubious sites, do not follow links claiming that you have won a million dollars.

Adhere to these rules yourself and convey them to the team and the leader – the company will appreciate a responsible approach.

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2. Following digital trends

A cool career will be built by the one who keeps his nose to the wind and closely follows new technologies and tools. There is not a single area in which technology does not change. Educators are mastering interactive whiteboards and e-diaries, recruiters are looking for candidates using artificial intelligence and conducting interviews in chat rooms, and the oil and gas industry has long used cloud solutions and mobile applications to monitor performance.

To stay tuned in, get into the habit of a few simple steps. For example, read specialized media and blogs of top experts, follow competitors, periodically take courses, read books on the topic. In our other article, we talked about 15 more steps that will help you improve your career in 2020.

3. Possession of tools for internal communications

Communication tools include instant messengers, chats and other communication systems. The communication channel can be chat in WhatsApp or Telegram, email newsletter, instant messengers such as Slack, or your own corporate program. Such tools are needed to get the team acquainted with newcomers, resolve issues, announce information, exchange data, etc.

The difficulty is that different companies use different technologies, and it is important to be able to quickly master a new tool. In addition, some people ignore the established system and follow their own rules of communication – it is not necessary.

If after the offer you were warned that the team is working in Slack, study the program yourself. Read guides, explore the interface and capabilities of the tool.

4. Skills of using task trackers

Another important tool to master is the task tracker. This is a program for organizing work: keeping track of current and completed tasks, assigning people responsible for tasks, exchanging information, etc.

Task trackers make life easier for everyone. The manager can visually see which task each employee is working on and monitor progress, and employees do not need to search for data in dozens of work sources – everything is collected in one place.

Among the popular task managers, we note Trello, Asana, Jira, Todoist, Redmine.

5. Ability to use statistics tools

Only the lazy did not write how important the data-driven approach is in business, but still, not everyone realized the value of data. Companies that make decisions without regard to statistics are doomed to problems.

Of course, everyone does not need to become a data scientist and understand machine learning, but basic data skills will definitely come in handy. For example, you can improve your skills in Excel, Power BI, and then move on to more complex programs like SAP, Tableau, Oracle, etc. Excel can generally be learned in a couple of weeks and is completely free, for example, by watching a video on YouTube.

The data-driven approach applies everywhere. Copywriters write articles based on popular searches in search engines, sales managers predict demand for goods based on behavioral data, marketers and other digital specialists generally base their work on numbers. Do not lag behind!

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6. Knowledge of modern methodologies and principles of project management

It would be nice for each of us to become a little project manager. What for? Because many modern companies are switching to a project type of work – this is when any task is planned as a separate project.

For example, you need to conduct an innovation test. To do this, you need to formulate goals, prescribe tasks, appoint responsible persons and describe the conclusions. This is the minimum program. And the maximum is the selection of a specific methodology (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, PM) for work.

For your career development, it will be useful to study modern methodologies and principles of project activities. You don’t have to be a project manager to apply them – these skills will come in handy in many industries. By working through a work task as a separate project, you are more responsible approach to business.

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