Make money for an iPhone, become more independent or save money for your own project – everyone has their own reasons for looking for a job. But there is only one problem – where can a student find work. Let’s figure it out! Job Options for Full-Time Students Let us clarify right away that we will not consider options for part-time jobs for students of evening and correspondence courses in the article – they have more opportunities. Challenge of the highest level – to combine work and study in the daytime. Where to get a job for a student: 1. Internship We highly recommend lookingRead More →

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the new year super productive and follow all 15 career improvement steps we’ve written about. At the end of the year, you will be grateful to yourself – go ahead! 1) Make a plan for the year Write down the goals you want to accomplish and outline a preliminary plan of action. Break down the goal into specific objectives and act consistently. 2) Take the course It is important to regularly improve knowledge in your field, and courses are a great assistant in this. Sign up for a course and complete it entirely by completing related assignments. Then youRead More →

One of the most popular interview questions is about the reasons for leaving your last job. It is almost always asked if the candidate’s resume includes more than just internships. The question of dismissal is rather slippery – an outsider does not understand who exactly was to blame: the candidate was lazy or the employer made a gesture. Your answer to a tricky question can both endear and scare a recruiter away from you, so here’s how to answer it. Why recruiters ask about their previous jobs At the interview, HR may ask what prompted you to apply for their vacancy, or may immediately askRead More →