Almost a third of employers, according to HeadHunter, do not specify the size of the salary in vacancies. We will understand in the article what are the reasons for secrecy and how to find out what salary you can apply for. 1. The company does not know how much such work costs Sometimes the employer has an approximate idea of ​​how much specialists in a certain profession earn, but does not know for sure. This happens when starting a new direction in a company or hiring a rare specialist. In such cases, the employer estimates an approximate salary framework, based on market analysis, but isRead More →

In the struggle to improve language skills, all means are good – you can read books, watch TV series and films with subtitles, communicate with foreigners. Here’s another cool tool to help you get to the ‘advanced’ point – podcasts! The podcast is created by the BBC, which is already a quality indicator. The duration of one audio is 2-4 minutes, podcasts are updated regularly once a week. Speakers are unhurried and clear – just right for pre-intermediate or intermediate listeners. On this site, you will find not only podcasts but also transcripts, assignments for lessons, videos, breakdowns of the rules. Some of the sectionsRead More →

Earlier one portal conducted a study among recruiters. The main goal was to understand what recruiters are looking at on a resume and how much time they spend. The study used the technology of mouse tracking – this is when the statistics of the movement of the cursor across the screen are analyzed. The results are as follows: Personal information – up to 3 sec. Post Title – 1 sec Career goals – up to 5-8 sec. Key information – up to 12-15 seconds Last or current place of work – 15-17 sec. Previous place of work – 8-12 sec. Earlier place of work –Read More →

Based on the research of the TalentTech project, we have compiled a selection of key skills for development. These skills will be useful to everyone, not just digital and IT specialists because digitalization has already taken over the world. 1. Understanding the basics of cybersecurity It seems that the words with the prefix “cyber” are something about the distant future, but in fact it is time to think now. Top multinational companies like Facebook and Google recently paid multi-million dollar fines for personal data breaches. Russian companies also suffer losses due to cybersecurity problems – the data of several thousand clients of Sberbank and VTBRead More →