15 steps to improve your career

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the new year super productive and follow all 15 career improvement steps we’ve written about. At the end of the year, you will be grateful to yourself – go ahead!

1) Make a plan for the year

Write down the goals you want to accomplish and outline a preliminary plan of action. Break down the goal into specific objectives and act consistently.

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2) Take the course

It is important to regularly improve knowledge in your field, and courses are a great assistant in this. Sign up for a course and complete it entirely by completing related assignments. Then you get involved and you can’t live without new knowledge;)
We have a huge database of platforms for free self-education.

3) Build Your Own Brand

Assess the current state of your personal brand and think about what could be improved. See how top experts in any field approach this issue, take advantage of their chips.

4) Build a knowledge base

To keep abreast of professional events and trends, you need to create a knowledge base. The database can include professional media, groups and chats in social networks and instant messengers, podcasts, expert blogs, books, films, YouTube channels, conferences and other events. In general, any platforms and tools with which you can improve your professional expertise.

5) Learn to plan things

Planning helps you to be more focused and productive, not to forget even about small things and to control your own progress. Choose a convenient tool (mobile app, website, paper diary, etc.), a suitable time management method and move towards super productivity.

6) Work out a career plan

Think about your career globally: where do you want to be in 3-5-10 years, who you would like to work, what is most important to you. Depending on the goal, make a plan: how to earn 100 thousand a month, become a department head, get a job or launch your own startup.

7) Improve your networking skills

The easiest way to expand a professional network is at specialized events: conferences, courses, festivals, exhibitions. You can also get acquainted online: in the comments when discussing the case, in thematic groups, when taking online courses. Remember, in order to build good relationships with people, it is not enough to exchange business cards or applications on Facebook – you need to help others, be able to communicate and be useful yourself.

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8) Choose skills to develop

Evaluate what skills will be in demand in your field and help you grow up the career ladder. If you are just starting a career, tighten up basic skills, and only then move on to more complex knowledge. Experienced specialists are advised to pump highly specialized skills – this will add points in a competitive race.

9) Get started learning languages ​​

Make it your goal to improve your language skills. If you already have a good command of some foreign language, move on to learning another – it will never be superfluous. Moreover, learning new languages ​​can be very interesting – with the help
TV series and YouTube.

10) Find a mentor

A mentor will advise on the best ways to solve work problems and perhaps even advance your career. Many mentors do not take money for consultations if the cooperation is built on good personal relationships. For example, if it is your friend or work colleague. But there are also special programs and services that offer paid mentoring services.

11) Improve your soft skills

It is interesting to tell colleagues about a cool case, show a cool presentation to a client, win over a recruiter in an interview, or become the soul of a team – all this requires developed soft skills. You can develop them through constant practice, the experience of others and courses. Here
a selection of 5 free courses for developing soft skills.

12) Learn to write a cover letter

If you have little experience, there are no open vacancies in the dream company, you radically change your field of activity or work in a creative specialty – we highly recommend that you draw up a cover letter. Learning to write interesting cover letters isn’t that hard –

13) Increase your earnings

Think about how you could increase your earnings this year. Perhaps it’s time to talk to your boss about a promotion or think about moving to another company if you can’t grow further in your current job. But first, go through
our test of willingness to quit. Another option to increase earnings is to provide additional freelance services, in your free time from work.

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14) Improve your knowledge of basic programs

Excel, Word and PowerPoint are three pillars on which the labor market rests 🙂 Seriously, the skills of working with these programs are found in almost every vacancy, so it will definitely not be superfluous to improve knowledge.
Free courses will help you deal with macros and pivot tables, and life hacks will teach you how to masterfully work in Word.

15) Work on your resume

Grab your CV and work on it carefully: remove unnecessary things, add new information, change photos, check for errors. Even if you’re not looking for a job, keep your resume up to date.

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