Make money for an iPhone, become more independent or save money for your own project – everyone has their own reasons for looking for a job. But there is only one problem – where can a student find work. Let’s figure it out!

Job Options for Full-Time Students

Let us clarify right away that we will not consider options for part-time jobs for students of evening and correspondence courses in the article – they have more opportunities. Challenge of the highest level – to combine work and study in the daytime.

Where to get a job for a student:

1. Internship

We highly recommend looking into internships, especially students and candidates with no experience. The stereotype that an internship is a free labor has long been irrelevant – there are many
paid offers. Many employers initially take only students for internships and are ready to let the employee go to important lectures and seminars. On an internship, you can work about 20 hours a week and only at a convenient time.

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2. University activities

Another good option to make money without compromising your studies is to work at your own university. These can be positions of laboratory assistants, assistants, junior specialists in the dean’s office. You will be able to run to lectures and settle educational problems right at the workplace.

3. One-time part-time jobs

If you don’t want to be tied to a strict schedule, you can look for one-time part-time jobs. For example, an assistant at major events, a promoter for promotions, etc. There are many such proposals in thematic groups on social networks, but you need to respond quickly – there are usually many who wish.

4. Part-time work

Usually, part-time work is allowed in cafes and restaurants, but not only. Be prepared that in most cases you will come across vacancies for work in the morning – you will have to patiently search for a schedule that suits you.

5. Working with the shift schedule

This option is suitable if attendance at your university is not a decisive indicator in assessing academic performance. At work with a shift schedule, you can change shifts with other employees so as not to miss important pairs or tests.

How else can a student earn money:

1. Tutoring

It’s not for nothing that you pored over the textbooks for the entire 11th grade and brilliantly passed the exam – you need to share your knowledge. If you are confident in your abilities, place an advertisement for tutoring. First-year students can easily teach among schoolchildren of grades 7-8, and sophomores – and future graduates.

2. Freelance

If formalization is still an optional item for you, you can dive into freelancing. Write custom-made articles, take pictures, makeup websites, maintain pages on Instagram, draw, sew – the choice is huge.
A large selection of sites to start freelancing.

3. Study

So suddenly, but you can make money on good studies. More precisely – to receive a decent scholarship. Many universities have special programs for which students can receive an increased scholarship. Sometimes it comes to
30-50 thousand rubles per month. For example, for achievements in sports, writing research papers, presenting the university at conferences. Check the possible options in the dean’s office or on the university website – perhaps this is your option to have your own money without compromising on education.

Where to look for work for a student

Look for well-paid internships on large sites or in trusted sources – for example, in our
section “Internship” or on the Grinter website. Another working option is to go to the website of the company where you want to work and look for suitable offers in the “Vacancies” or “Career” section. If there are no open internships, do not be afraid to offer your candidacy directly – write a motivation letter to the recruiter and attach your resume.

Do not hesitate to ask your friends about a part-time job – you can write a post on social networks and ask for help. Often it is through friends that good options are found to earn extra money.

Look for options for one-time or periodic part-time jobs in groups on social networks or on freelance exchanges. In the groups called “work for students” and “part-time work for students,” carefully filter the sentences – such sources often come across strange variations. We found a good selection
ideas for making money online and freelancing work options for students.

If you do decide to become a tutor, register on special platforms – and the more the better. For example, create an ad on Avito,, YouDo. Write about a tutor’s career in social networks, ask friends and acquaintances about the repost – free advertising = best advertising.

Картинки по запросу "How to find a job for a student"


Finding a job for a full-time student is not easy, but possible. You will have to combine work and study, sacrifice parties and sometimes forget about rest. But in the future, you will be grateful to yourself – after graduation, you will already have experience and useful connections.

If you decide to work as a student, remember the following:

  1. Do not forget to study. Try to maintain a balance between work and study, do not grab the “tails” and do not skip a couple of months. We want to complete the program as much as possible – to get a diploma and to earn money, right? Keep 6 useful life hacks for those who combine work and study.
  2. Plan your time. You will have to plan your day/week/month carefully to be productive and not worry about upcoming deadlines. We described how to properly plan working hours in the article.
  3. Decide what is more important to you now – just make money or gain experience in a specialized field, and look for a job based on this. Waiter and consultant vacancies are not going anywhere, but the number of internships in the dream company is limited.
  4. Use as many job search resources as possible: social media groups, career sites, networking, newsletters, chats, etc. You never know where you will see the option you want.